Rock on Pointe Dance Company
will perform on Saturday, September 8th
at The Rotunda 4014 Walnut Street, Phila., PA

Two shows:  4:30 PM and 7:30 PM

This performance is part of the
 2018 Philly Fringe Festival !

                                 Rock on Pointe's trained professional dancers will perform
                             to hit songs from  the 1970's by:   Fleetwood Mac, Peter Frampton
                                                    The Eagles, Ambrosia, and more.

                            The Rotunda is located at 4014 Walnut Street
                   in the University City section of Philly.  There is a parking lot
                         across the street next to the supermarket.

                    Tickets are twenty two dollars and can be purchased
                        through Philly Fringe or through the link below.  
                       The ticket link will be live on July 4th, 2018.

                   It's a family show.  All ages are welcome!
                          Complimentary soda and water at both shows 

            Tickets at:

What we do:

Rock on Pointe Dance Company puts the hit music from the 1970's on pointe (meaning ballet shoes).  At our Debut in 2016 (pictured right) we rocked the house down to the best groups of the 1970's like Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith, Led Zepplin plus other songs like "Brandy" from Looking Glass and Woodstock sung by Jonie Mitchell.  The music we use is the recorded original hit or - live version. 

Who we are: 

A group of talented dancers with training in ballet, pointe, modern dance and jazz.
Beautiful young women, and handsome young men full of talent and bursting with energy and ambition!  Our current dancers are:  Amber Hongsermeier, Alissa Johann, Katharine Nace, Elizabeth Grace, and Elton Tumbay.  Bios are below the 'Reserve your Ticket' button. 

The Dances.

Founder and Choreographer Kathy Fitzpatrick explains her vision.

 "I wanted to do choreography that is more than step, step, look how high I can kick.   The music from the 70's comes from the heart of the musicians that wrote it.  Some of the songs tell a story.   I wanted this story to come to life on stage for the two songs in this show that have a story in them.   

In Hotel California I have two travelers, the girl that "shows the way", those that dance in the courtyard and even a Captain.   Do the travlers find their way out?  Come and see.

In Stairway to Heaven,  Amber (pictured below ) is the Lady climing the Stairway.   As she goes about life (her dance) forces of light and darkness battle around her.  Although she can't see them at times he senses their presesnce. 

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Katherine a pose (top left) that resembles the painting at the top of our web page.    Katharine received her early training at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet.  She attended college for dance at Virginia Commonwealth while performing with a local dance compnay.   Upon returning to the Delware Valley area, Katharine danced with First State Ballet Theater in Delware for six years.  Currently,  Katharine frequently performs in Washington DC and NYC, and Philadelphia.   

"I love working with her," says Kathy Fitzpatrick, Founder and Choreographer for Rock on Pointe.  "She picks up whatever steps I give her and within minutes she has put feeling and flow to the movements,  making the dance come to life."   Katharine will be performing a solo  to For A Dancer by Jackson Browne.   She is a traveler in Hotel California by the Eagles and dance the part of a darker force in "Stairway to Heaven " by  Led Zepplin. 
Amber Hongsermeier is from Grand Island, Nebraska.  She graduated from University of Nebraska at Lincoln with a degree in dance.   Dance, choreography and modeling work has taken her to Las Vegas, NYC and Japan.  She recently relocated to the Philadelpha area and is working on choreography, teaching and performing with local dance companies.   Amber was in the debt show  of Rock on Pointe at the TLA last year.    "Amber has a relaxed almost non chalant movement style which is really great for the part of the Lady climging the "Stairway to Heaven", says the choreographer of Rock on Pointe.   Amber also dances with Elton Tumbay in the song Brandy by Looking Glass.

Alissa Johann began her dance training at The Dance Center and Brandywine Ballet, located in West Chester, PA., under the direction of Donna Muzio, where she was trained in classical ballet, modern, jazz and hip hop.  Alissa then attended college at Cedar Crest College where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies. She is the recipient of the Carol Welton Kelly Dance Award for Movement Studies.  She has been awarded several dance scholarships and attended summer intensives including Joffrey Ballet and American Ballet Theater. Alissa is currently a professional dance artist, instructor and choreographer throughout the greater Philadelphia region.  "Alissa is so limber that she can be found in straddle position with the rest of her body on the floor and her eyes closed after a long rehearsal and before her one hour ride back home.   I love the way she slides effortlessly into a split and then bends all the way back to touch her head to the back knee," says Rock on Pointe's choreographer Kathy Fitzpatrick.  Alissa dances a solo to "Mercedes Benz" by Janis Joplin, and is a good force of nature in "Stairway to Heaven".
The dancer known as "Grace" pictured left  at age fifteen while dancing with Louisville ballet.  Grace was accepted at Louisville as an apprectice at the very early age of 13.   She was one of the youngest apprentices of the company.  She stayed at Lousville until age 16 after which she also joined  the Ponte Carvel Ballet in Dayton Ohio  and later the Atlanta ballet.    Grace relocated to the Philadelphia area where she freeleances and was even on an album cover.  " The passion Grace has for dance combined with her long extension and excellent execution of every movement create a dancer that one never tires of watching.", states Kathy Fitzpatrik the founder of Rock on Pointe.  Grace has the part of the woman that lights up the candle and shows the way in Hotel California.   Her solo is to Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight.  

Mr. Elton Tumbay will be joining Rock on Pointe beginning with this performance.   Elton attended the Philadelphia High School for Performing Arts.  He is part of a band Plan B when he is not dancing.   "Elton is a very versatile dancer.  He can go from ballet, to modern and then hip hop without even a hesitation as he changes styles.  That is not as common as one might think, and it makes him really great to work with," per Kathy Fitzpatrick the founder of Rock on Pointe.   Elton is the sailor in "Brandy by Looking Glass", and will perform a solo to "Its a Mans World" by the one and only James Browne. 

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